The Buying Experience

What To Expect

The buying experience at Island Shutters, Inc. is a 3-step process and it all begins with a call to 808-690-8182 or email info@islandshuttersinc.com.

Step 1.

One of our highly trained shutter design experts will come to your home and clearly explain all of your options and the difference between various types of shutters. We will bring the showroom to you where we will help you design the shutters to fit your budget and decor.

Step 2.

Once sale is confirmed, right then we will set a time to do a blue print of your windows if it has not already been done. This final measure will be done within one week of your order confirmation if not sooner.

Step 3.

At the time of blue print measure, your installation appointment will be set. We will call to confirm your installation date 1 to 2 days beforehand. That installation date is typically in as little as 3 weeks. But because we are the factory and the installer, we can deliver in as little as 3 days from measure subject to some restrictions and extra charges for this rush service.

Throughout this process we have friendly, responsive, and effective customer service.

Wood Stained Shutters
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