Custom Tropical Shutters

Custom tropical shutters preserve your view of Oahu while giving your home light control, temperature control, privacy, and a perfect fit. Plantation shutters have wider louvers, blocking the harsh sunlight while filling your home with natural light. You can even open the window to enjoy the fresh air while maintaining privacy.

Located in Kapolei, Oahu, Hawaii, Island Shutters has been handcrafting shutters in Oahu since 1993. As local carpenters with over 25 years of experience, we uniquely understand the climate and the materials that work best for homes in our area. We use only those materials that can withstand the heat and humidity. We can also re-stain and repair existing shutters to make them look new.

Select Your Custom Tropical Shutters Near Oahu

Due to climate restrictions that affect many of the materials commonly used for shutters, at Island Shutters, we offer two high-quality tropical shutter styles. When you’re ready to envision our custom shutters in your home and experience them yourself, schedule an in-home consultation by calling or emailing us.

Tropical Polymer Shutters

Tropical Polymer Shutters are our most popular choice. We make them from a nontoxic, synthetic material and don’t use natural resources. They offer double the insulation of wood, which makes your windows more energy efficient and enables you to save money on your bills. Polymer shutters are:

  • Water-resistant
  • Fire retardant
  • Termite resistant
  • Fade-resistant
  • Guaranteed not to peel or crack
  • Finished with our proprietary custom finish that won’t mar
Custom polymer shutters on Oahu, Hawaii (HI)

Tropical Hardwood Shutters

Tropical hardwood shutters on Oahu, Hawaii (HI)

We design our Tropical Hardwood Shutters with the top-grade hardwood available. We stain or paint your hardwood shutters to fit your preferences and do color matches with your home’s decor. We finish them with an extra durable hard finish that helps them withstand the weather in Oahu and extends their life. They:

  • Have a beautiful, classic look
  • Never need louvers to be re-tightened
  • Are hand-sanded
  • Constructed using the traditional style of mortise and tenon joinery for a smooth open, every time

Benefits of Custom Tropical Shutters Near Oahu

We create our tropical shutters for the Hawaiian climate specifically, and our people live here and are familiar with unique local needs. Plantation shutters are the best option for window treatments in Oahu because they allow you to preserve your view, protect your home, and beautify your interiors. Still, they also provide excellent privacy and light control, so you don’t need to deal with glare or worry about UV rays damaging your things.

Other benefits of tropical shutters include:

  • Benefits of Custom Tropical Shutters Near Oahu
  • Insulating your home from intense heat
  • Incredible curb appeal
  • Long-lasting
  • Protecting your windows during a storm
  • Fitting nearly any size or shape
  • Enjoying open windows and fresh breezes even when you close the shutters
  • Quietly adjusting to open or close

Working with Island Shutters for Your Handcrafted Custom Shutters

Island Shutters provides an in-home consultation service. When you schedule your appointment, our professional and knowledgeable staff visits your home so you can see the scope, range, and quality of our custom shutters. You can touch them and feel the quality of the artistry up close. This process also allows you to see how they would look in your home. Get a feel for the openness of the view and the depth of light control available.

During your in-home consultation, we show you the differences between the shutters and the materials we use to make them. We’ll also work with you to design shutters that fit your budget. When you go forward with a purchase, we will:

  • Measure your windows
  • Complete a blueprint
  • Place your order and schedule an installation for about three weeks out
  • Handcraft your custom shutters
  • Paint or stain them per your specifications
  • Apply a finish that guarantees longevity
  • Confirm the installation date about two days ahead of time
  • Install your custom tropical shutters

If you need a touch-up or a repair, like after a storm, let us know, and we will be there as soon as possible.

Contact Us for Custom Tropical Shutters

The best window treatments for your home in Oahu are shutters. At Island Shutters, you’ll get handcrafted custom tropical shutters that fit your windows perfectly. They uniquely meet the needs of our local climate by using only the best materials for the area. We also create custom closets.

Request a free in-home consultation by calling (808) 690-8182. You’ll experience the beauty of our craftsmanship and the quality of our work. You’ll also be able to envision our custom tropical shutters in your home. We’re located in Kapolei, Hawaii, and proudly serve the island of Oahu. Contact us today!

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