Shutters FAQ

There are many benefits to owning plantation shutters. Plantation shutters are a very versatile window treatment. It is custom made to fit into almost all shapes and sizes of openings. It is one of the few treatments that allows ventilation while still maintaining privacy. It also allows control of the natural lighting while blocking out the harsh sunlight. All the above can be achieved without the noise associated with other window treatments. Shutters are also one of the best window treatments for insulating your home during the hot summer months and will help save on your energy bill. You will be able to enjoy all the benefits of shutters for many years due to the longevity of its lifespan. As we all know curb appeal is important, shutters give a high-end appearance with a timeless look that will not go out of style. It compliments almost any interior decor while adding value to the resale of your home.

We all know through the years, whether it is 25 or 50 years down the road, shutters will get their
fair share of wear and tear. The question is, “what are my options?” If you have or plan to
purchase Polymer Shutters, you will have the option to refinish and refurbish them to make it
look brand new and ONLY Island Shutters offers this service. If you own or plan to purchase
vinyl or composite shutters, your options are to live with what you have, or purchase a whole
new set.

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