Tropical Hardwood Shutters

At Island Shutters, we manufacture the highest-quality shutters from the excellent hardwoods available. We also use a special proprietary paint finish to give our custom shutters a hard, extra durable finish to extend their longevity in Hawaii’s humid and hot climate. Our manufacturing process includes the Dura glide louver tension system, which is guaranteed never to need tightening. The fastening system we use to secure the tilt rod to the louvers will never loosen or pull out. We can paint or stain our hardwood shutters, and the experts in our paint department can also make custom color matches.

Hardwood Shutter Facts

Our expert team at Island Shutters has several facts to share with you about our hardwood shutters:

  • We only use durable, tight-grained, low-resin, closed-pore hardwoods to resist humidity from our local climate.
  • We use the patented Dura Glide tension system to keep your shutters operating effectively.
  • We hand-sand every shutter to ensure a perfect fit and finish in your home.
  • We design and use a proprietary paint finish to protect your hardwood shutters from the heat and humidity of Hawaii’s climate.
  • We also use mortise and tenon joinery for the stiles and rails of your custom tropical shutters.
Custom hardwood shutters with proprietary stain near Kapolei, Hawaii (HI)

Wood Shutter Warranty

When you get custom tropical hardwood shutters from Island Shutters, we provide warranties on the finishes, workmanship, and labor:

Custom stained hardwood shutters near Kalopei, Hawaii (HI)
  • Stain Finishes: We provide a five-year warranty on stain finishes for custom hardwood shutters.
  • Painted Finishes: We provide warranty protection for paint finishes on your custom tropical hardwood shutters.
  • Workmanship and Labor: For our work and labor, we provide a 10-year warranty to protect your tropical hardwood shutters.

Wood Shutter Warranty

7 Years

on painted finishes.

5 Years

on stained finishes.

10 Years

on workmanship and labor.

*Guaranteed for the life of 10 years of the shutters on louver movement & tension.

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