Tropical Polymer Shutters

Made from polymer high density solid material, Tropical Polymer is a solid, nontoxic, synthetic material. Because it is 100% synthetic, no natural resources are destroyed in the manufacturing process. Additionally, Tropical Polymer is water resistant, fire retardant, termite resistant and insulates two times greater than wood. Tropical Polymer also uses the Dura glide louver tension system, guaranteed never to need tightening. The fastening system used to secure the tilt rod to the louvers is guaranteed never to loosen or pull out. Our proprietary “Diamond” finish on our shutters with a non-marring property far exceeds the competition.

Tropical Interior Polymer Shutters

Tropical Polymer Shutter Facts

  • Non toxic, water resistant, termite resistant, and fire retardant.
  • Insulates more than two times greater than wood
  • Non yellowing finish unlike other synthetics on the market
  • Able to refinish to look brand new years later
  • Man made recycled materials, no trees needed to manufacture this product
  • Guaranteed not to crack, warp, peel or yellow
  • Patented Dura glide tension system
  • Stainless steel hinges and staples with epoxy coating
Tropical Interior Polymer Shutters

Shutter Benefits

There are many benefits to owning plantation shutters.

Island Shutters Hawaii Tropical Polymer, Beach View

Our Warranty

10 Years

on painted finish (Premium)

25 Years

on workmanship and labor

*Guaranteed for the life of 25 years of the shutters on louver movement & tension

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