Kitchen with window over the sink to an outdoor view of tropical plants at Island Shutters near Kapolei, Hawaii

What Are The Best Rooms for Tropical Shutters?

Living in Hawaii, we have stunning views and a tropical climate. But why stop at the doorstep? Bringing that island charm indoors with tropical shutters can improve your home’s style and provide practical benefits. These versatile window treatments work wonders in various rooms throughout your house. Let’s explore how these handcrafted pieces can complement different spaces in your Hawaiian home, making the most of our year-round tropical lifestyle.

Living Room Plantation Shutters: Your Window to Relaxation

Imagine sinking into your favorite chair, a cool breeze wafting through partially opened plantation shutters, carrying the scent of plumeria. Hardwood living room shutters offer the ultimate mastery over room ambiance.

Another bonus of hardwood shutters is the adjustable louvers, which allow you to fine-tune the sunlight entering the room. This protects your furniture from fading while still allowing light to filter through.

Tropical Shutters in the Kitchen: Spice Up Your Culinary Space

Who says kitchens can’t be stylish? Tropical shutters in the kitchen can add a dash of island flair to your cooking area. They’re easy to clean (a must in any food preparation zone) and resist moisture better than fabric window treatments.

Tilt the louvers to let out steam and cooking odors when you’re whipping up a batch of spam and eggs. And when you want to enjoy your morning coffee in peace, close them for a moment of tranquility before the day begins.

Bathroom Beauties: Shutters That Can Handle the Heat and Humidity

Bathrooms present unique challenges for window treatments, but our tropical shutters are up to the task. Using a proprietary Diamond™ Finish, our polymer shutters can withstand humidity and avoid mildew and warping.

Shutters provide privacy when you need it most, and their adjustable louvers allow for excellent ventilation after a steamy shower. Plus, their clean lines complement modern and traditional bathroom decor.

Lanai Lounging: Bridging Indoor and Outdoor Living

For many Hawaiian homes, the lanai is the heart of indoor-outdoor living. Plantation shutters can help define this space, offering protection from sun and rain when needed while still allowing the trade winds to flow through. They act as a flexible barrier, adapting to our ever-changing island weather conditions.

When fully opened, they frame the view of your tropical paradise, creating a picturesque backdrop for your outdoor activities. When closed, they make a cozy, private outdoor room for enjoying time with friends and family. Adjusting these shutters allows you to transform your lanai from an open-air oasis to an intimate gathering spot, making it a versatile extension of your living space.

Handmade Shutters near Kapolei, Hawaii

If you’re on the beautiful island of Oahu and ready to upgrade your windows with tropical shutters, Island Shutters is here to help. Our friendly team will help you find the best shutters for each room in your home.

Call us at (808) 690-8182 or visit our contact page to learn more about our custom-made shutters. Let’s work together to bring a touch of tropical paradise to every corner of your home!

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